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Feasibility study

  • Characterization of the hardware of the TestFarm station and in particular of the actuators, probes, product or subset of the product to be tested.
  • Definition of the physical access points (I/O) to the product to be tested, with their characteristics.
  • Definition of the performances of the test system on the access points.
  • Characterization of the installation and of the access policy to the TestFarm system(s).
  • Estimate of the workloads according to the type of implementation.

The TestFarm station is interfaced with the hardware which encapsulates the software to be tested, and is thus specific to your application. Besides, according to whether the system is used for validation, investigation or software development support, the composition of the TestFarm station may vary. Consequently, the service always starts with a feasibility study defining the composition of the system.

The feasibility study leads to a detailed specification document which defines the TestFarm system. It consists in analyzing the type of use envisaged, the I/O hardware access to the software and the characteristics of the tests to be carried out.

Testing System set-up

  • Development and implementation of new specific test interfaces (if necessary).
  • Adaptation of off-the-shelf interfaces to the TestFarm environment (if necessary).
  • Wiring of the testing system.
  • Testing system configuration: integration of all the interfaces and instruments.
  • Development of a self-test suite in order to perform maintenance and diagnosis of the testing system. Drafting of the Users & Verification Manual.
Une station TestFarm

The setting up of a TestFarm automated test equipment adapted to your application follows a rigorous process, going from the development of specific test interfaces (if necessary) to the final configuration of the system.

This stage can be supplemented by the training courses we offer.

Test Suites development

  • Drafting of the test specifications based on the software specifications to be validated.
  • Development of the test scripts.
  • Assistance with the development of scripts for the detection of random failures.

You can outsource the whole or part of the software tests you are developing.

The use of TestFarm makes it possible have a continuous testing activity: a station used during the day for the development of test scripts can be dedicated at night to the execution of the test runs.

Training Sessions

Hands-on trainings adapted to the level of use of the TestFarm system are proposed for an audience from 2 up to 8 people.
  • A training TestFarm station it is at the disposal of each attendee.
  • On-site sessions on request. It is then possible to focus the training courses to the customer's TestFarm stations.
  • Many practical exercises reinforces the effectiveness of the training session.
  • The trainers are senior users and have a great experience of the automated testing of real-time software.
Training session type Objective Duration
Operator To launch the test suite, to parameterize and analyze the test reports. To master the functionalities offered by the Test Suite Runner. 1 day
Test Suite developper To code the test suites, to master the functionalities of the TestFarm system, to master the test instruction set, to implement the test suite development methodology. 4 days
Administrator To manage the system configuration, user accesses and accounts. 1 day
Integrator To add functionalities to the TestFarm station. 2 days