TestFarm Virtual User

  • Screen capture on application target d'écran sur application cible : Video Frame Grabbing (DVI, VGA, camera) or VNC (LAN).
  • Control of the SUT software application using VNC keyboard/mouse actions.
  • Partitioning of the physical screen into logical screens, with independant or cascaded image processing filters.
  • Recognition of screen areas selected by criterion of color and size. Aggregation of these areas by criterion of proximity.
  • Possibility to use image search masks with arbitrary outline.
  • Comparison between objects with approximation.
  • Detection of forms and positions using pixel sampling methods.
  • Characters recognition.
  • Extraction of text or image objects location.

A Tool for testing complex Graphical HMI.

TestFarm Virtual User is a powerful tool for graphical content analysis and verification. It is based on image and character recognition mechanisms, capable of tracking fixed or animated objects. This tool is mainly targeted for test automation of complex graphical HMI.

TestFarm Virtual User starts by filtering captured frames in order to select relevant graphical objects. Then it performs the recognition and the characterization of the objects to inspect. The third stage consists in generating the suitable object detection events (appear/disappear, time stamps, location, displacement), in order to format and record the output events (typically, to include them in a test report).

TestFarm Virtual User can also act on the SUT according to the result of the analysis of data collected previously. It simulates, keyboard, mouse or any other pointing device (serial, parallel, USB, TCP/IP, ...).

TestFarm Virtual User includes a graphic editor which helps buiding quickly a database of reference objects (either images or texts). This process can also be automated, thus facilitating the maintenance of the reference database.

Although connection to TestFarm Core is native, TestFarm Virtual User can be controlled by any testing environment through a TCP/IP connection.

  TestFarm VU Product Brief (EN).
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