TestFarm Core

  • TestFarm Core is a tool devoted to non-intrusive functional (black box) testing of real-time embedded software.
  • Open System. The target application (SUT, System Under Test) is submitted to test suites involving an unlimited and heterogeneous park of interfaces and instruments.
  • Open Standards. The Test scripts are based on Perl, a rich and widespread language. The test reports are produced in XML, and can be displayed in a highly customizable manner.
  • User Awareness. The TestFarm platform is based on a test suites development methodology promoting an effective use of competencies and preserving team motivation.
  • Delivery of test reports that are customizable as well on the level of the contents as of the form.

Automated Software Testing

The TestFarm Core platform is targeted at testing embedded systems software driving either standard or in-house peripherals. Such systems concern a wide variety of markets such as telecommunications, electronic payment terminals, automotive equipments, aeronautics, biomedical technology, etc. Among typical applications, we can mention man-machine interfaces such as LCD modules, electronic billboards, control knobs, etc. This also concerns the communication devices of a system such as UART's, CAN buses, Ethernet, MODEM's, ...

The main strength of TestFarm Core lies in its capacity to control peripherals producing asynchronous real-time events. However, its open and flexible architecture makes it perfectly suitable for the testing and implementation of « PC/WorkStation » applications that use a graphical user interface.

TestFarm Core allows a smooth migration from manual to automated testing. As a first stage, it provides an « Assistance to Manual Test » operating mode, then it facilitates the progressive integration of test scenarios until reaching an optimal level of automation.

TestFarm Core can be also melted in an already existing automation environment, by driving it through a network connection. It is thus possible to fill a space of not yet automated features, for which TestFarm is particularly effective like checking dynamic objects on a graphical display.

TestFarm Core supports a model of collaborative outsourcing, from the making of the test workstation to the realization of the test suites. For example, we can develop test scripts in our office while running them on your test station in your premises, through a VPN connection.

  TestFarm Core Product Brief (EN).